Exclusive experience and competence for effective legal aid.

Our strength is excellence and exceptional long-term experience in dealing with the most complex cases, creation and application of innovations in legal practice, synergies between science and practice.

Defend your rights and legitimate interests, manage risks.

For twenty years, I worked in the judicial system and led the courts, dealing with the most complex cases, and successfully giving judgements. This has formed my exclusive competence in dealing with commercial and private disputes, effective and innovative application of law, and the introduction of conciliation procedures.
The main areas of my successful judicial practice in recent years are construction contracts, real estate, competition, disputes in agricultural and land lease legal relations, energy, environmental protection, insolvency of enterprises, banking law, civil liability of heads of undertakings and representatives of individual professions, dispute, and enforcement of contracts, transport and labour law, liability of state and officials.

I have been involved in drafting laws and other legal acts, working groups on reforming the judicial system.

In the field of business and corporate administration, I would make use of my competences, which I acquired by conducting the trials, in the areas of strategic planning of institutions, financial management, enforcement of plans, risk and crisis management, communication with the media and the public, promotion of teamwork, personnel management.

I have been active in scientific and expert activities in international projects where I gained experience in foreign judicial practices (in Croatia, Georgia, Poland, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, and Belgium). I teach civil law, contract law, civil liability, and lawyer ethics at Vytautas Magnus University.

Effective and efficient protection of clients’ rights and legitimate interests are ensured by accumulated professional competence and long-term practice. During my active professional practice, I devoted much attention to ensuring effective judicial human rights defence system and high-quality judicial system in Lithuania.
Exclusive competences have been acquired in carrying out national and international legal research and scientific projects, expert examination of foreign legal systems, preparing analyses and draft decisions at the Supreme Court of Lithuania, as well as under the direction of Kaunas district and district courts for a decade, implementing judicial reforms and various administrative work.
Experience in the private sector working as an attorney in a commercial bank and construction company at the beginning of his professional career allows getting to know the peculiarities of both public and private sector activities.

Practice areas

• Civil-commercial law
• Construction law
• Agricultural law
• Energy law (renewables law)
• Real estate law
• Contract law
• Civil professional liability
• Land law
• Labour law
• Transport law
• Insolvency law (legal entities and natural persons)
• Environmental law
• Insurance law
• Competition law
• Corporate law
• Food law
• Banks law
• Liability of the heads and participants of undertakings
• Succession
• Family law
• Consumer law
• Public administration
• Scientific law
• Medical law
• Sports law
• Administrative law
• Constitutional law
• European Union law
• Professional ethics of lawyers
• Criminal proceedings, pre-trial investigation
• Negotiations
• Mediation
• Judicial disputes


• Legal services: consultation and advice
• Defence of human rights and freedoms
• Representation of legitimate interests
• Representation in corporate management bodies
• Legal studies/legal audit
• Drafting of legislation, studies required for drafting legal acts
• Preparation of internal regulatory acts of undertakings and institutions
• Drawing up of contracts
• Legal communication
• Risk and crisis management
• Conciliation
• Preparation of procedural documents
• Representation in state and municipal institutions
• Representation before courts
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